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  • Bit 1 of the channel status data is output as other than audio data.
  • If GFS is low eight consecutive samples, this pin outputs low.
  • The input format supports the 48-bit slot, MSB first.
  • Only «0» detection flag is output by switching with the command.
  • Social Anthropologists experienced in analysing decision making in marriage, extended family and village situations.

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Note) When the pulse is input to the XTAI pin, be sure to input it via the capacitor. SCOR Window is output by switching with the command. The literature on immunization discusses the prevalence of various dreadful diseases and the need and advantages of immunization as protective measure. It also gives information on the time schedule of when the child needs to be immunized and where immunization services are offered. The IEC materials currently valid for training and teaching, contraceptive policy and addressing recurrent problems can be utilized in the future IEC efforts on selective basis according to the strategic needs. Table 2.1 indicates the distribution of IEC materials produced by the NGOs and government sector according to various media.

The range of this special area is set by $A7, and can be selected in 8 steps from 32K to 2M bits. Table 4-19 shows the addresses which can be specified according to the used DRAM capacity and the special area setting value. In addition, the address specification method can be selected from absolute and relative specification. CXD3029R CD Digital Signal Processor with Built-in Digital Servo + Shock-proof Memory Controller + Digital High & Bass Boost Description The CXD3029R is a digital signal processor LSI for CD players. This LSI incorporates a digital servo, high & bass boost, shock-proof memory controller, 1-bit DAC and analog low-pass filter. The materials on this topic deal with the Quranic quotations and injunctions on family planning and their scientific and religious interpretations. Various issues related to family planning such as, use of contraception, birth spacing, abortion etc. are addressed in the light of Quranic verses, Sunnah and Hadith and Fatwas given by different scholars.

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DA Interface • The DA interface supports the 48-bit slot interface. 48-bit slot interface This interface includes 48 cycles of the bit clock within one LRCK cycle, and is MSB first. When LRCK is high, the data is for the left channel. The output format from the bass boost block supports 18 bits and 20 bits in addition to 16 bits. 15 The mass media is presently used for promoting the two child concept. There is, however, a big gap between knowledge and use of family planning. The television time should be strategically used for promotion of family planning by providing more information on availability of services rather than only motivational and educational information.


For fine search, the COUT signal is counted. Serial data transfer clock input from CPU. SQSO and SENS readout clocks are output by switching with the command. However, the large sample of IEC materials collected under the present inventory does offer a strong base for the strategic development of the directions of future IEC efforts. The distributional and content analysis of the IEC materials do indicate the weak areas and lacuna that need to be focussed in the present and future.

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Part I1 is the inventory of IEC material categorized by various segments of IEC programme and part III deals with the content ana’,ysis of the IEC material available in the inventory. This study has also made recommendations, in order to improve upon the retrieval system, and updating of an inventory every three years. It is hoped that this project will provide a firm base and guidelines for the future to the IEC professionals. I hope they will continue their interest in the project and update IEC inventory every three years.

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  • When CD TEXT data is not demodulated, set TXON to «0».
  • The present exercise, however, surpasses that earlier exercise.
  • 10.7 The habit of facile generalisations had led to a deep-rooted aversion of specificity in the choice of target groups.
  • We are also grateful to Tariq Khan, Mohammad Sabir Tabusam, Mohammad Arif and Rakshan Farooq who typed the whole manuscript on Word Processor.
  • The same habit had inhibited the acceptance of any major changes in the conditioning and reflexes of the widely-dispersed prospective clients, over the last 25 years.

When the RF-PLL circuit isn’t locked, this mode is used to pull the disc rotations within the RFPLL capture range. ∗1 The values selected by C1 and C2 are added to C1 and C2, respectively, and output every 7350 frames.

To discuss with relevant persons at District, Province and National levels. To consult records in these offices (including the files of old TREC – for production, dissemination and evaluation of IEC materials). There has been a singular lack of continuity in the IEC operations. There have been long periods of communication freeze or freeze of specific media.

(See «Zero data detection».) When $AX command ZMUTA is set to «0», analog mute is applied even if the mute flag output condition is met. LRCK Synchronization Synchronization is performed at the first rising edge of the LRCK input when reset.

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Given the past history of the IEC programme due to constraints it faced beyond its control, the programme is still facing a lack of a well defined policy with specified priorities. Despite the lacunae In the IEC efforts, it has its credit to a large extent that it created awareness of family planning among various segments of the population as indicated by various survey reports. CD TEXT Data Demodulation • In order to demodulate the CD TEXT data, set the command $8 Data 6 D3 TXON to «1». While TXON is «1», the CD TEXT demodulation circuit occupies the EXCK and SBSO pins, so connect EXCK to low and do not use the data output from SBSO. Also, 26.7ms (max.) are required to demodulate the CD TEXT data correctly after TXON is set to «1».

  • The materials on this topic deal with the Quranic quotations and injunctions on family planning and their scientific and religious interpretations.
  • For best practices on efficiently downloading information from, including the latest EDGAR filings, visit
  • The comparator level is 1/16 the maximum amplitude of the comparator input.
  • This switches the digital PLL master clock.

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Input/Output Synchronization Circuit In normal operation, the DAC automatically synchronizes with the input LRCK. However, synchronization may not be achieved when the input data contains much jitter or during power-on, etc. In such cases, internal operation should be forcibly resynchronized by setting the $34A command DOUT WOD to «1». Forced synchronization is also required when the operating frequency is changed such as switching between CLV and CAV, etc.

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Roses Are Red, Red, Romance, Summer, Flowers, Roses, Hd Wallpaper

Rates are extraordinarily high in Pakistan and a major cause of maternal deaths is related to childbirth. Title, Format/Type, Language and Gist/Description of content of the material to be indicated in each case. To discuss and assess the effectiveness of IEC materials in the past, their relevance for the present and their validity for future utilization. In brighter periods, the production of multi-media materials was prolific. Their utilisation and effectiveness, as perceived through evaluation ‘reports on press, Radio, T.V. And Motivational Films, held a great promise. It is imperative that collection of IEC materials and updating IEC Inventory should be a continuous process.

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