Miyabi demonstrably confessed this lady love more the woman sister’s arguments

Miyabi demonstrably confessed this lady love more the woman sister’s arguments

Lunatic Labyrinth ended, the brothers was in fact out currently and also the siblings was indeed shedding Consuming Icicle towards the cluster on sky

They generated him keep in mind their darkest recollections, to be abandoned of the his mom during the orphanage. A sound began wanting to know your and his reason to combat. He was reminded of his unfortunate and lonely existence due to the fact good man, but appreciated brand new sounds of his relatives and buddies and you may clicked regarding you to definitely black imagine and freed themselves in the spell. Mio was trying defend them but the girl magic was not most productive. Kazuki woke up-and cast Storm Fort to remove the issues. Miyabi try pleased by how fast he previously woken right up. She advised him the newest sword that starred in his hand is actually his award having beating their shock. The fresh siblings cast the Relationship Secret but Kazuki cleaved this new incoming assault in two with this sword. The audience cheered and you may Miyabi was surprised and you may content. She landed and instantaneously surrendered more than the woman sister’s arguments; they’d absolutely no way to earn any longer.

This lady aunt and the twin brothers question why she surrendered particularly one to but she didn’t render any obvious solutions. But Kazuki had seen thanks to this lady real objectives. She admitted she are investigations your with his worthiness since good leader. Miyabi out of the blue kissed Kazuki towards the cheek, staggering everyone, most of all this lady sis. It had been indicated that the lady sister refused to recognize the lady given that an Elf. The girl attention would not deal with fact and you may she won’t spend your time which have some body however, Miyabi. However, this particular fact also stored Miyabi about loneliness almost every other Elves knowledgeable. She advised you to definitely Kazuki is tackle him or her each other. Leme accused Gremory regarding dripping information about their energy. It ended up being several other decide to try out of their worthiness he had passed, and Leme was also amazed together with abilities. As expected probably the most risky cluster claimed another fits and you will changed towards the finals.

As expected the absolute most risky party won another matches and you will advanced into finals. Kazuki is entitled on the Headmaster’s office; the outcomes of analysis was in fact inside. The fresh new Knight Order unearthed that some of the tournament’s members got been brainwashed together with come remaining no thoughts of the steps. What’s more, it searched this particular brainwashing was also why they had all of the entered new event to begin with. Their decisions is strange enough to attract the attention out-of their friends. It seems this type of women have been one particular who were assaulted of the that strange figure over the past days and you will have been brainwashed if you’re significantly less than Wonders Intoxication. They’d and examined the background from Karin and you can Hayashi, whom had not already been detained because the Kazuki’s word by yourself was not sufficient facts. Karin’s father is actually a police officer slain on the collection of obligation by the Illegal Magicians during the depletion off Tokyo. She is actually followed from the Hayashi family members once sites de rencontres fessées pour gens de plus de 50 ans become a keen orphan. New Germans had advised Kazuki Hayashi try popular agent, thus the lady term was most likely bogus. The very last match was their past possibility to assassinate Kazuki. They might finish supposed overboard and you may adding their correct color.

Nevertheless actual race was against the party he would face on the finals

When Kazuki got house the owners of the home was indeed wear maid outfits, which have waiting an event so you’re able to enjoy him entering the latest finals. They insisted towards doing most of the housework till the finals. Leme indexed he had fundamentally conquered every females when you look at the our home. Hikaru and you can Lotte recommended your to take revenge for them during the the very last suits because they seated right down to eat. Leme is actually very happy to remember that Kazuki got used a strategy much like regarding Queen Solomon himself.

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