Max Cash Title Loans 2nd Photo Contest This Year with 6 Potential Cash Winners

Max Cash Title Loans 2nd Photo Contest This Year with 6 Potential Cash Winners

Photo contest 2nd this year for Max Cash Title Loans that has 6 random winners splitting $1000 just by submitting Photos of their community

Tempe, AZ, (Newswire) – Max Cash Title Loans, one of the highest-rated car title loan referral services in the industry, is excited to announce that they will be conducting another promotional photo contest on social media, in which they will be giving away a total of $1,000 to six randomly selected participants. The new promotion is called the Hometown Cash Photo Contest.

The Max Cash business loans in Nevada Title Loans Hometown Cash Photo Contest’s entry period will be ongoing until April 17 th . All entries must be received by 8 p.m. MT on the 17 th . The contest is easy to enter and there is no purchase necessary to win. Similarly, to their previous contest, it’s a photo contest so all you need to do is take an original photo of one of two things. Submit a picture of your hometown, such as a favorite spot or a well-known landmark. Or, take a picture of cash, money, or something money would be stored in like a wallet or a piggy bank. Simply upload the picture to our Facebook application or the application on our website and add a caption to explain the picture.

The IRS wants their money on April 17th so we are giving away money on April 16th to help 6 lucky people ease a little burden. The other side effect is we will put the posts on our site after the contest is over to add publicity to local business across this nation by virtue of the landmarks.

Max Cash Title Loans hopes that many will enter their Hometown Cash Photo Contest; and they look forward to awarding the lucky winners with much needed cash right before taxes are due

Max Cash Title Loans’ previous contest was a great success with hundreds of photos of cars flooding in from all across the States. Susan Smoaks from Tallahassee, Florida won $500 by just posting a picture of her car! However, Max Cash is going the extra mile with this new contest by providing a contest newsletter for those who enter. These contest updates will regularly tell the participant how many entries have been submitted so that they can keep an eye on their chances and apply more if they need to. When a contestant enters an email, there will be no need to worry about spam as one will only receive emails relating to contest updates. Additionally, contestants can opt out of the email updates by unsubscribing at any time.

Also a first for Max Cash Title Loans and contests in general is the contest newsletter. If a consumer signs up for the newsletter, Max Cash Title Loans will update the current status of entries to that point. Since a person can submit an entry per day, this is very valuable so to allow a person to add submission to increase their odds of winning.

Max Cash Title Loans is an extensive title loan referral service that partners with title loan lenders nationwide

Max Cash Title Loans sets themselves apart from all other title loan providers in their tireless pursuit of excellence, service, encouragement, strength, diversity, support, and community. All of these things are encompassed in their mission statement to provide high quality loan services with integrity, professionalism, and respect to their clients, their lenders, and the community with which they share resources.

If you need funding quickly, Max Cash Title Loans finds you a lender with competitive interest rates and low monthly installments. No matter where you live, from the west coast to the east coast, they can help you obtain a title loan. Max Cash Title Loans is a dba Tradition Media Group, LLC which 4/1/2 star rating from Consumer Affairs and is consider a leader in Loan Processing.

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