How to set the age of your Weber charcoal grill put solely.

How to set the age of your Weber charcoal grill put solely.

Looking to discover age their Weber Kettle? Search no longer. These pages is actually a collaborative efforts supply of the nightclub founders and historians – people who own 50+ vintage Weber grills – and hours and hours of study.

In case your grill was created from 1979 to 2014, the very best vent on top could have these serial numbers which will be a-one or two lettered day code down the page.

Utilized in conjunction with time requirements AT and AH respectively.

There is absolutely no two page sole date signal in 2015. (CONSUMABLE)

There aren’t any real “D” laws best kettles or WSMs proven to exists. Discover examples of 1981 “C” laws Weber’s which were viewed with a little “D” stamped near or regarding the opposite section of the “C” stamp. These instances is considered to be the specific 1982 kettles and WSMs.

Pre 1979 Classic Weber Kettles

In the event your barbecue grill was more than 1979, use the following records to determine the ages of the classic Weber barbeque grill.

1952 – 1955

The Weber charcoal kettle was initially accessible to the barbeque buying community in 1952. But the first grills, known next as “George’s club B Q KETTLE” had been made from buoys cut in half and surviving examples are really unusual. It wasn’t a long time before the original “buoy” kettle began it’s progression.

1953-1955 Weber Kettle


In 1956, the Weber kettle was actually redesigned to their latest form. The 1956 through 1959 Weber Kettles have an excellent metal triangular base (with thinner metal reddish, later on white wheels) together with handle regarding the top and pan manages happened to be material (no lumber). Normally identified together as “MLH” kettles. For “metal lid handle” The steel thighs are held into the sockets with thumbscrews.

By 1959-1960, Weber began including saucer shaped ash catcher pans while the strong triangular base utility shelf/triangle “ash rack” had been phased out and substituted for the current spoked triangle. This spoked triangle still is in use nowadays.

By 1962, the wheels comprise changed from thin white wheels to a thicker black 6? material tires with decorated whitewalls. It absolutely was in addition with this time your thighs comprise changed from steel to aluminum.

1962 Weber Kettle

1964 – 1968

In 1964, Weber improved the material handle throughout the lid to a solid wood one.

1964-66 Weber Kettle

This kettle style (1964-1980) tend to be refered to as “MBH” kettles. This means “Metal Bowl Handle”. One material manages are produced from walnut. Classic Weber Kettles out of this days have material thumbscrews that held the aluminum feet within sockets. The wooden handles are conducted on with 2 small rivets.

In 1967,Weber additionally released the Seville – a barbeque grill installed in a metal cart with tires. This design carried on for a couple years [unknown]

Pictured: 1970-71 Imperial Sequoia

In 1968, Weber launched the Imperial Sequoia. The sequoia is yet another grill mounted in a wheeled cart; nevertheless the sequoia carts were made from wooden. The sequoia was available in a couple different species. The black colored kettled type was available in a red cart, although the reddish, avocado, and brown kettles came in a brown cart.


In 1968, Weber developed an innovative new rubbing lower body plug and filed a patent because of it. Starting with the 1969 design year, these latest sockets had been placed into production. While Weber anticipated their particular patent of these brand new sockets, they going stamping the top vent with “PAT PENDING”. These newer leg sockets eradicated the necessity for material thumbscrews. The patent was actually recorded for on November 22, 1968, and it had been granted (Patent # 3538906) on November 10th 1970. However, in spite of this the Weber catalogs and books at that time continuous to listing the kettles as “PATENT PENDING” through 1972 design seasons. The patent quantity was very first placed in the 1973 collection. You’ll find many examples of these “PAT PENDING” kettles on the market. It’s secure to assume any grill with Patent Pending in the port is a 1969 or 1970 barbeque grill however based controls style they are often from because late as 1971-72.

Early 70s 26? Weber Kettle Very early 70s controls style. Around 1971-72.

From 1970, the wheels started a changeover from material wheels and plastic treads to all or any plastic material by 1973.


The patent numbers, 3538906 was first listed in the Weber collection starting in 1973. For this times the number started appearing on the kettle outlet. The controls design by this energy had been all synthetic including the treads. In 1975 the bowl vents comprise changed through the solitary tiny tabs to your big double tabs. This is actually the same vent design receive now on the Weber Smokey hill Cooker and fundamental kettle products offered offshore.


The current plastic 6? wheels using the term “WEBER” slice in to the whitewall this is certainly seen on basic Weber kettles today is during use by this energy.


1979-2014 Weber Kettles


In 1979, Weber started utilizing the page stamp (their ‘serial number’) to date their own kettles. But the characteristics and details persisted to evolve.


For 1981 the metal dish handles happened to be replaced with wooden manages. During 1981-1982 the wood handles furthermore flipped through the 2-rivet handle to one screw.


The “One Touch” capturing and venting experience launched. At first this was a “premium” model before getting Weber’s criterion kettle vent style by 2000.


In 1992 the first generation Master Touch kettles were launched. This could serve as a premium model charcoal barbeque grill through the remainder regarding the 1990s.


In 2000, Weber switches from wood handles to windows bolstered plastic (vinyl) preferences handles. From 2000-2011 the handles happened to be a pale white-grey in colors before switching to present style of dark “charcoal grey”. In 2012 the dish handles using one Touch Gold/Original Kettle premiums sizes were redesigned with integrated software hooks.

2015 to provide time Weber Kettles

The knee socket style was redesigned reducing the friction situated apply alternatively the legs have push buttons that snap into “button opening” during the brand-new sockets. This is basically the very first knee plug change since 1969. Additionally all kettles when you look at the U.S. have switched more type welded on lid handles to bolt on with elective temperatures protect. The Kettles when you look at the European marketplace have have these heat protect bolt on manages for many years.

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