12 Digital Marketing Strategies To Ramp Up Your Sales

12 Digital Marketing Strategies To Ramp Up Your Sales

This means that customers are purchasing your products just once and then leaving. And any questions, queries, or complaints that they have remain unanswered, sigh, that’s no good. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This established method of analysis is the primary way that businesses position themselves and determine how aligned they are with their vision, goals, growth trajectories, and success benchmarks. Your strengths and weaknesses refer to the internal aspects of your business, which are essentially the things you have control over. Whereas opportunities and threats are generally external elements that you cannot control, like the actions of your competitors or the condition of the wider market.

  • Exploring and utilizing partnerships with other small businesses can boost the revenue potential of your business exponentially.
  • Once you have established your general target market, it’s time to segment.
  • If you know anyone in a related field or industry, make sure they share your content, too!
  • Next, you need to understand all the messaging your competitors currently have on their site and review how they position their product offerings.
  • Next, you need to overlay some predicted conversions from stage to stage across the sales funnel, which will be different for content and paid direct demo requests.

He writes for EngageBay about marketing strategies that really work, and the best tools in marketing automation today. Webinars have become a go-to marketing strategy for tech businesses with a good digital presence. Unsurprisingly, Facebook dominates in the world of social media advertising, as over 93%of marketers use some form of Facebook ads. And it’s why many businesses struggle to differentiate their message through content marketing. The 5 P’s of Marketing are – Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People. These are key marketing strategies that are used to position any business strategically.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

In this case, all they had to do was repackage their current content, build an ad around it with creative assets, and run it. Regal’s tweet is an example of owned media because the company was in full control of the answers followers gave (and, apparently, American Werewolf didn’t stand a chance). Maybe in January, you will launch a software update that improves the exportation process for users.

Do this well enough, and you can even turn readers into passionate brand loyal customers. The Nike loyalty program is a club where Nike customers or fans can receive exclusive benefits. Shoppers become a member by signing up through the Nike website or any of their apps; the Nike app, Nike Training Club, Nike Run Club, and SNKRS. For Nike, it is the smart product recommendations that make a consumer satisfied with their experience.

The best thing to do is test different advertising solutions, then keep track of your metrics (e.g. clicks, engagement, sales, etc.) Take note of the numbers, then use those insights to determine your ROI. This will help you figure which ad types are right for you and how much to budget for Facebook advertising. So before ideating on your next slogan or initiative, take some time to analyze where your customers are and where they’re coming from.

What the purpose of your video is — this will be where they fall within the marketing funnel. Whether you want to understand your audience behaviour or send campaigns across multiple platforms based on that behaviour, Hurree has a solution for you. The average cost-per-spend of a returning customer will increase across their customer-lifetime. It’s commonly cited that even a 5% increase in retention rates can increase the profitability of your company by 25% to 95%. With those kinds of numbers, you really can’t afford to ignore retention tactics any longer. Ultimately, the goal of customer retention is to maximise the lifetime value and profitability of each customer.

Update Your Content

Strategy should be treated like an ut-ama.com/ on-going process of planning and refinement, rather than a one-off task that is quickly forgotten. You have goals your team needs to meet, you know the channels where your brand will be active, and you know the tactics you’ll execute. Now, you need to know which metrics you’ll monitor to track the performance of your tactics across channels as you progress toward your goal. You can understand what that difference should look like by better understanding your competition’s approach to marketing.

Once you get the answer to the positioning question, even not easy, all of your marketing tactics will automatically work to affirm the qualities and gain some space in customers’ minds. It’s actually a genius collection of marketing strategies for every aspect of the brand. In this article, I’ll share with you everything you need to know about Nike’s marketing strategy and what you can learn from them. You will be surprised to find out that shoes are not the only thing that has brought Nike this far. It’s a quick way to share the marketing plan for a one-off project and contains all the necessary details. If you’re not looking to create a detailed or formal document with several pages, this to-the-point marketing plan infographic template is a great pick.

marketing strategy

Writing is by no means an exact science, but there is some common ground that most people can agree on. As a good point of reference, theUniversity of Maryland in Baltimore put together a nice list of best practices to keep in mindwhen creating web content. How the pages are set up and laid out isn’t enough, though, if the content itself is not relevant and interesting. Careful attention should be placed on creating engaging material for visitors to connect with. By taking the time to get your messaging right, perhaps even personalizing it, your audience will be far more receptive to what you have to offer.

The more leads you bring in, the more opportunities you get to make sales. 90% of American customers have said customer experience is a factor in deciding whether or not to interact with a business. Investment in high-quality imagery can help build your brand credibility as customers can clearly see the product. Images can sometimes be used to tell a story more clearly than copy.

2.Econsultancy reports – The Econsultancy blog mainly covers tactics, but there are sound research reports on managing digital channels and ecommerce teams. It helps an organization to make optimum utilization of its resources so as to provide a sales message to it’s target market. High failure rates for new products suggest that companies are continuing to invest heavily in product innovation but are unable to move customers’ purchase criteria. Redefining customers’ purchase criteria is one of the most powerful ways companies can wrest market leadership from competitors.

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